Smart Advertising

Online advertising made easy through artificial intelligence

Easy and smart online advertising

Online advertising made easy

Sparklingbrands has chosen to partner with Nanos

They make online advertising a valid option which is easy to use for both us and our clients. This solution works for our customers with small budgets and scales up easily, plus it allows them to keep tight control of the results.

Mobile and Desktop

The system is designed both for mobile and desktop on Android and in the Apple store. you can check your results on the go

Easy to use

To use this system you need no programming experience and the setup is easy to do for anyone. But if you do think you need some help feel free to contact us for a consultation

Daily improvements

Every day the program looks at how it can improve the results and get you more bang for your buck.

Different platforms

This system allows you to switch between Google Search, Facebook and Instagram with LinkedIn on the way. These offer the best options for your business to grow

Frequently asked questions on Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is the act of paying for a placement of an advertisement on part of the search engine results. 

Of course you can.  But bear in mind that there is some learning to do and that both professionals and artificial intelligence programs have big benefits of being specialised and will mostly be cheaper in the long run.

A Keyword is a word or a set of words that best describe what that page of  your website is about.  This is then what is linked to what people search for on search engines like google

Currently the system offers 

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Coming in the future are 

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Over 80% of all searches in Switzerland is done through the Google search engine so for SME it makes sense to focus where there is the most gain to be made.

Do you have more questions?

simply ask us and we will add all relevant questions with an answer in the Search engine advertising FAQ.