Set up your Nanos Campaign in 4 easy steps

Set up your Nanos Campaign in 4 easy steps

Start your Online Advertising with Nanos in 4 easy steps

Getting that Nanos account

Before we kick things of here we are assuming you have already set up your account with Nanos. If you have not then you can click the button to see how to do that advertising account in 5 minutes

Tutorial: how to set up a Nanos Advertising Campaign

As usual you can either watch the video with a walkthrough on how to set up your online advertising campaign with nanos.

But if you get stuck somewhere along the way we have provided some additional step by step instructions below to make everything that much more convenient for you.

And if that is not enough just ask us your question in the comments or through the feedback form

Nanos online advertising campaign creation step 1

Nanos Campaign creation step 1

This is the beginning of your online advertising campaign and it is nice and easy.

If you plan to create multiple campaigns then you create a name that accurately describes the difference so you can distinguish easily.

Your business should have been created already so you can just go ahead and select it to move on to the next step. If you have not created one yet, just click “create a new business” and if needed you can just refer back to our previous blog on how to set it up correctly.

Nanos Campaign creation step 2

In this part of the Nanos campaign you will try to define your demographics. The better you know your customers, the more successful your campaign will be. If you have google analytics activated on your website you should be able to get information from there.

Define the age bracket of the customers to which the online ads should be targeted.

If your audience is mostly female then pick that or vice versa, if you are unsure then tick both.

Target the device that is currently giving you the most online traffic but keep in mind that Mobile is getting more and more relevant.  Also make sure your website is responsive for mobile to get the best results.

I would not suggest targeting multiple languages in one campaign. It might better to set one campaign per language to get the best results.

Type in the area where your target audience lives. This can be country, city or province.  The target location will then be highlighted on the map.

Nanos online advertising campaign platform selection

Nanos Campaign creation step 3

Another more straightforward step. On which platform do I want to advertise? LinkedIn and Twitter are currently not active yet but have been planned for late 2020.

Over 90% of all search is done through google and the ads will put you on top of the results for your chosen keywords

As a social platform there is none bigger then Facebook but keep the demographics  of your target audience into account.  The younger people are less and less active on Facebook

To get the best results here your product needs to be quite visual and relevant to the people that use Instagram

Nanos Campaign creation step 4

  • Now we add the things that will be used as content for your advertisement.  Enter all the main products or services you want to put under the eyes of your customers.  
  • I would also make use of the product description and write about what you are doing filling out as much as you can.  
  • Both types of content filled in here will be added together with the data the algorithm will mine from your website to create and adapt the ads.  This content allows the program to perform better and optimise the results every day.

Nanos Campaign creation

After completing all these steps the system will read your website and will prepare the ad for you per platform.  There is the option to correct small errors and then you are ready to release your product or service on the web.

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