How to start advertising with Nanos in 5 minutes
Set up Nanos in five minutes

How to start advertising with Nanos in 5 minutes

THE Steps needed to start Advertising online with Nanos

Tutorial on how to set up your Nanos account

In this first blogpost about we are going to look at how to set up your account with Nanos in a few easy steps. 

This will allow you to move on to what actually matters, setting up your ad campaign.  But you cannot start the artificial intelligence without providing some basic data.

What you need:

Check out the video or follow the step by step instructions below

Step 1: How to set up the Account

  1. As mentioned, the first step is getting that Nanos Account set up.

This can be done in two ways but if you are going to be the responsible person for this and do have a smartphone I would recommend both versions for efficiency.

  1. Desktop: The desktop version can be logged into from the nanos website
  2. The Nanos app. The application is available both on Android and IOS under the name Nanos – Easy Digital Marketing

From there have different options but a business email and password would make more sense for a SME.  If you are a one person show you could also choose signing in with Facebook or Google 

Step 2: Set up your business or create a Huubsch page

To start up with Nanos ideally you own your own website so that your ads go to the right place.  As an alternative  Nanos provides you with Huubsch which is a place online where you can create your own landing page without having to have your own website. 

But before you run to make your campaign we need to make one more step.

Step 3: Setting up your business on

And it is really as straigtforward as it looks. Just fill in the details asked but pay close attention to the Description. This will also be used for the add creation by the Artificial Intelligence.  So if you provide good content it can make the start easier for the program.

If you are planning to run ads on Facebook it is also needed that you connect your Facebook page.

If you feel confident after this tutorial and want to go ahead then click the button below to get started on that Account with

You have now learnt how to set up your nanos account in this tutorial.  In our next blog we are going to look at starting a campaign.

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