Client project: Pizza Raben

Client project: Pizza Raben

The guys from Pizza Raben in Einsiedeln approached us with a dilemma.

They had a pizza takeaway and delivery service that was doing nice numbers but was almost completely dependent on big delivery apps like Just-Eat. 

They wanted to know if we could help reduce their dependence and grow direct clientele.

The Solution

  • We built a small one-page website that is SEO optimized.
  • Added a Google My Business that is accurate and up to date.
  • Installed a Delivery & Take away service software with integrations in Facebook, Google My Business,, and the Website.

The Results

As shown in the slides below we can observe that since the launch in 01.2021 there has been a steady growth in:

  • New customers
  • Repeating customers
  • Orders
  • Website Volume
  • Google ranking

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